Racking It Up

First off, let me say a huge thank you to Robert over at $30 A Week Habit for the bump in his morning blog post the other day, and a welcome to all of the new readers. I hope this provides you with something of moderate interest.
Robert, P-Town Tom of Waiting ’til Next Year and Joe over at The Sandlot all have packages headed their way. Hooray for trades!
The other day I mentioned that I finally found a Wal-Mart in town with some baseball cards. This let me blow some holiday return bucks on some rack packs. I grabbed two Topps Updates and one Series 2. Here are some of the goodies.
First, the Astros. Well, not that first picture as all of them have since moved on from the club. Norris, Barnes and Humber are dupes that I’m planning to send off for TTMs. Bedard and Elmore go to the binder, unless I decide to try my TTM luck with them as well.
Fortunately Update came through with another pair that still happen to be with the team. These will go in the binder.
Now for some inserts. Minis! I really do want to try to put these sets together.
Some heavy hitters here in Jackson, Cabrera and an emerald Ortiz. These are keepers. You know, unless the price is right.

Alberto Callaspo in emerald as well, and that’s a Holliday silver foil. Any of these are up for grabs.

I wasn’t sold on these Making Their Mark inserts at first, but the more I see them the more I like them. Probably going to try to track these down now.
Some blue borders door anybody that needs some parallels. I may send that Calhoun off for signing though.

And finally, these came in the same rack pack. What’re the odds?

That’s it for now. Thanks to everyone who’s already offered to send a few cards my way as well!

– Marc

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