Ebay Pickups: 75’s and More

I’ve probably paid a little too much attention to the grand auction arena of the four colors lately. It all starts with my saved searches, most of which relate to my Astros collecting. From there, it usually gets triggered by something one of you other wonderful card bloggers post, whether it be because of something you picked up or something you just chose to share.

A few weeks back, and forgive me because I can’t remember who posted about it, somebody talked about “dime box digging” through eBay for some cheap pickups.

It made my brain break for a moment. Then I started looking for some nice old cards, just searching sets and sorting by “lowest price + shipping.”

I turned up a few interesting things, and then I really ran down the rabbit hole. Because after I noticed these three rough 1955 Topps rookies, I decided to do that thing where you check the sellers. Yep, same guy for all three cards. All three with a starting bid price of just 10 cents.

So I did what any responsible digger would do, of course: I checked the rest of his auctions.

I found a lot of stuff I liked. So I put in minimum bids, and thought to myself, “well, if they go at minimum I’ll be happy with that, and if any get bid up, I’ll check and see.

I won. I won like crazy. And I spent… well, let’s save that for the end of the post, shall we?

After the 55’s, I found a pair of 66’s. Zachary fills a hole in my Astros collection, and Burdette seemed like a no-brainer cheap find.
This pair of 69’s set me back next to nothing as well. They’ve got some dings, but I’ll still take them. I can’t imagine why Topps used what’s obviously a photo of Agee with the Cubs when he spent ’68 with the Mets.
This A.L. Batting Leaders card from ’76 Topps has taken a little water damage, but I’ll take that trio for a dime any day. 
Now for the really fun stuff – lots of ’75 Topps. I’ll not even talk about these, just gaze and enjoy. 

Each of those ran me a dime. Except for that rough looking Billy Williams down there, he was a full quarter, but he came with twenty-four other cards from the set. So really, he was just a penny!

The others are commons, and I picked up a couple Astros in there. All told, I grabbed thirty-nine cards and spent just $5.65, including shipping.

Not bad, eh?! Happy online hunting to you all – now just don’t outbid me.

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