A PWE from Jeff

In addition to the round of autograph returns that were waiting in my mailbox, there was a small little envelope addressed to me, whose return address bore a stamp from Jeff at 2×3 Heroes. We’ve been working on a trade, but haven’t quite gotten around to it – both of us have been out of town at various points, so I was a bit unsure as to what it could possibly be. After all, the envelope was pretty plain and white.
Inside was a toploader stuffed with some ‘Stros cards, and a great little post it note announcing “Club PWE is back in business!” It was a perfect surprise and definitely welcome in my mailbox. All the cards featured in this post were on my want list – even the ones that weren’t listed yet. The Osuna ticks another one of the 1992 Topps Gold Winners off my list, and just look at that great 94 O-Pee-Chee card of the Wild Thing.

These two characters appeared much more recently in Astros history. In fact, each of them is part of a series of Astros legends giveaways at the ballpark this weekend – there’s a Berkman bobblehead and a Pettitte jersey to be had for arriving at Minute Maid early enough.

Thanks for the PWE Jeff! Now let’s get that trade finished – I want to put this Nellie Fox in your hands.

– Bru

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