Astros From a Junkie

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the mailbox for me, and that’s been pretty awesome. The busyness, though, has kept me from posting – which is a problem because I really want to make sure to properly thank everyone who is kind enough to send something my way.

Last week – Friday I think, but I’ve lost track at this point – I checked the mailbox and found a package stamped all over with Mariners logos. I figured I knew who’d sent it – The Junior Junkie – but I couldn’t figure out why.

Then I remembered I’d sent him a stack of movie and Desert Storm cards, and it all made sense. Inside his decorative package was a nice stack of ‘Stros which have found a home here in Domeland. Look at that Great Scott. Man, I do love me some oddballs, as you probably know by now.

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet and spare you the multitude of cards TJ sent over, as I have a plethora of posts on the way, and it’s going to be very Astros-dominant – as this blog is wont to be, of course. Here are a pair of shiny 90’s cards that don’t scan quite as nicely as they look in person, but they’re pretty great.
I remember being bummed out about Carlos Guillen getting packaged in a midseason trade during the summer of ’98, but we got a couple months of outstanding pitching from some tall, scraggly-looking mustachioed beast that made up for it. Getting to go see Randy Johnson pitch and being able to cheer him on because he was pitching for my team was just incredible. For each of you fellers who had him for more than a few months, I hope you didn’t take him for granted. He was insanely dominant while he was here, and I got to see him in person a few times.

Now here are a couple bright prospects that hopefully have bright futures with us as well. These scanned pretty well – the background and orange in the border are brighter in hand of course – but they just look simply amazing. Also, I think I’m getting a little bit better at scanning these shiny cards after figuring out a trick or two with my scanner.

TJ, thanks for the swell stack in the mail! I have a couple cards set aside for you as another thanks.

 – Bru

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  1. Yay! Glad you like 'em. I made it a point to weed out all overproduction-era nonsense from my tradables so I could just grab a stack and mail them out without worrying I'm only sending junk. Seems to be working!

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