TTM: Mr. Tiger

A stop at the mailbox today revealed these two beauties awaiting me. I’d tried to get Al Kaline’s autograph earlier this year before I knew that he required a fee, and my cards were tossed back into the return envelope on their lonesome.

For such an iconic and storied figure in baseball, Mr. Kaline’s fee is extremely reasonable. In fact, aside from Wade Boggs’ measly three dollar requested donation, Mr. Tiger here is in the class of most affordable HOFer fees. It’s ten bucks a card and he’s pretty prompt – these came back in just ten days.

I don’t even have more words for this one, other than I was really excited to see this return today. With that in mind, I may be on the lookout for another great card of Mr. Kaline – preferably a nice vintage one – that would look particularly nice when signed.

– Bru

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  1. Go for it! Sportscardforum is a pretty good resource, and is even more thorough. The second one is 15 bucks for the year, but you can view the last 15 days of returns for free.

    Of course, there are always the Harvey Mieslman and Jack Smalling's lists. I had a Smalling book as a kid – I may spring for a list next year, but I'm going to wait until the next round are released.

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