Surprise Hits From Bob Walk The Plank!

This one’s going to be a quick and dirty post – shout out a sender, show off the cards, and get out quick. Sorry in advance, but I’m trying to wrap up all the trades that came in, and if I don’t get out ahead of it, I’ll never finish. I’ve got two more packages to scan and just got word that another one is on the way. Man, I do love how generous this community is. You guys are special.

Ok, I digress. I honestly have no idea what I did to deserve this, because I thought we were squared up on trading already, but the ever-giving Matt of Bob Walk The Plank decided that these Astros cards belonged to me. I’m more than happy to take them!

This L.J. Hoes autograph from 2014 Panini Pastime is a perfect addition to my all-time roster collection. Ok, I could be nit-picky about the logoless-ness of it, or the fact that he’s probably photographed in a Baltimore jersey here, but Matt sent me this card for absolutely no reason at all other than my being an Astros fan, and that is just plain awesome! I wouldn’t besmirch this card if it said something bad about my mother. Well, ok – maybe we’d have some words, but I don’t think that’s happening. Oh, and two things about Hoes: he has an absolute cannon for an arm, and the Astros have taken to posting “L.J. Hoes and Rakes!” on Twitter when he raps out a hit.

Matt decided I needed some more fabric in my life, so he sent along this shiny Roy Oswalt swatch card, which even my advanced scanning skills couldn’t bring back to proper life. This is a beauty in the hand. If you look closely, you’ll see some serial numbering down at Roy’s ankle.
But Matt didn’t stop there, he decided that yet another Oswalt jersey card belonged in my collection. Heck, I certainly won’t argue with him about it! This one has a really nice layout, and the only real problem my eye has with the design is that obligatory “authentic game-worn jersey” text cutting up the middle of the card. I can overlook that, though, because it’s a Roy O swatch!
Thanks again Matt! I’ll find some way to repay you, though I’m not certain just how yet.
 – Bru

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