Christmas Goodies From A Friend

I wasn’t going to post this originally, but I was digging back through a box of recent acquisitions and happened upon them again. Back at Christmas time, my buddy Adam and his wife Jennifer were in the middle of packing up their house, buying a new home, and prepping for a new baby. The home was bought, the move was made, the holidays happened, and the baby girl, Ramona, was just born two weeks ago.

And yet, somewhere in the middle of all of that, they found me a little Astros-related Christmas present! These folks are the best.

While searching through some antique stores, Adam & Jen happened upon a couple of oddball items that have to be from the 1980’s. First up is this pair of Astros wristbands, which looks to be a stadium giveaway of some sort. It was still in the plastic wrapper. If I was still a kid, I probably would have put them on right away. As it is, I have them filed away with my other Astros ephemera.

The next item is the real winner, however.

Yes indeed, that is a patch portrait of Jose “Cheo” Cruz. I had no idea where it came from originally, it’s off-center, and it’s logo-less. In other words, it’s fairly perfect. After a little bit of research, this is from the 1979 set of Penn Emblem player patches.
Wonderful gifts from a wonderful friend, thanks Adam!
 – Bru

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