Catch O’ The Bay: A Threaded Surprise

The ‘bay lured me in once again, enticing me with a nice little lot of cards from 2014 Triple Threads. There are three Astros in this set, not counting the L.J. Hoes auto/relic combo that appears in the high numbers, and they are George Springer, Jon Singleton, and Jeff Bagwell, with about umpteen parallels scattered across the lot of them. So when this auction popped up with half a dozen cards in it, I scooped it up for around five bucks delivered.

Not too shabby, I thought to myself as I clicked the Paypal button. Now to just sit back and let the mail arrive.

Arrive it did, and with it came a little bit of a surprise. We’ll get to that in a minute, but first here’s a Springer base card.

And here are three Springer parallels, numbered 262/325, 163/250, and 74/99, respectively.

A stoic looking Jon Singleton base and parallel, numbered 39/50.

Finally, we have a Bagwell base and two more parallels, numbered 17/250 and 1/25. Yep, number one of twenty-five. That’s what really made me pull the trigger on this lot, in addition to rounding out a few needs.

But wait, you ask – where’s the surprise?

Remember when I said this lot had six cards in it? Well that’s what I thought, because that’s all that was in the picture. But this is clearly nine cards! Yeah, dumb ol’ me didn’t bother to read the description clearly enough, and wound up with three more cards than I’d planned on getting. Now that’s a mistake I’ll take any day.

 – Bru

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