In Da [Stadium] Club!

I dropped into Target again today on a whim, and lo and behold, the cardboard gods rewarded me with some fresh 2015 Stadium Club on the shelves! I had resigned not to buy anything else for a bit, and this will probably signal the last stuff I buy until Ginter comes out, but I was so surprised to see Stadium Club in retail that I just had to pounce on it. So I grabbed a blaster, a few hangers, and for the hell of it, a couple single packs.
Boom! Got some nice Astros in the bunch, with Singleton and Springer. I’m a little surprised that Singleton keeps showing up in mid-year sets despite not getting called up this season, though I’m not sure how much longer that will last. I’d like to see some more Preston Tucker and Lance McCullers cards start making the rounds. I’d add Correa in there as well, but he’s getting plenty of love.
I picked up some PC guys (I think I’m officially adding Brooks Robinson to that list now), including a superb Pudge Rodriguez. While Norris isn’t a PC guy, I’m gonna try to send that one off for an autograph.
These black and white HOFers are pretty sweet as well, and the Pops is another PC addition. These are all superb.
I netted several gold foil parallels and a pair of these refractors? Rainbow foil cards? I dunno. I think I may have to start collecting Rendon if I keep getting swell cards like this. He’s a local boy who helped Rice to the CWS, after all, and he’s playing pretty well. The shiny Darvish is numbered to 25, so that’s a keeper for sure.

How’s about some inserts? A spiffy looking Mariano, a die-cut Heyward, and, uh, a balding man-baby that plays in Boston.

Eh, the true highlight of this set isn’t the inserts, though. That honor belongs to the stellar photography. Stadium Club is back in full force.

BIIIIIIIP!!!!! Holy moly, what a card! I’m no Yankees fan, but the Jeter and Teixeira cards are special. The Dale Murphy is straight off someone’s wall from 1988, and even that posed Kris Bryant is killer.
I guess they can’t all be winners, though Does anyone know the context for this C.J. Wilson shot? He’s wearing swim goggles and a filtration mask, not in uniform, and is high-fiving fans in the most obvious self-help t-shirt ever. I’m so confused. I was pretty excited by the Deion Sanders nameplate, but I could do without the gratuitous butt shot.
That said, Stadium Club rules this year. I may have to go pick up one more blaster before I cut myself off for a few months.
Has anybody else picked up Stadium Club yet? Thoughts?
 – Bru

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  1. After seeing the design, I can't say I'm a fan of this year's set. It looks like you got some good cards, but I think I'll pass on them. Maybe a couple years I'll try to pick some up on a discount.

  2. Sweet! Springer is at Target Field in Minneapolis in that shot. I don't think the Target stores in my area sold Stadium Club last year… maybe they'll have 2015 TSC.

  3. Man, did Topps knock it out of the park with Stadium Club this year (again). Think my favorites here are the Springer and the Murphy, although they're all fantastic.

  4. Balding man-baby…You are awesome. Somebody get that clown a pair of gloves that fit. I saw him re-adjust them after the pitcher stepped off the other night. So annoying.

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