It Hasn’t Been The Greatest Week

So I’m finally sitting down (in a bar, currently in Austin, on my phone) to update this sucker. I finally got to go to a card show in Houston this past Sunday. It should have been a fantastic close to the weekend.
Unfortunately, sometime between 1pm and 4pm – in BROAD FUCKING DAYLIGHT – while I was at the show and my wife was out with a friend, someone burglarized our house, ransacking it in the process. 
I won’t go through the gory details, but we lost a lot of shit. Pardon my French throughout this post, but it still hurts. Included among these items were our three computers, scanner, TV, turntable, jewelry, a handgun, and all of my digital camera equipment, as well as a guitar and several stacks of baseball cards that were either out on shelves or in drawers of my desk. 
Essentially, it’s a world of shit I hope none of you ever have to deal with in your lives. 
Card-wise, it’s nothing crucial, though I did lose a good 150-200 card stack of 90’s Astros I had yet to file (mostly from that GCRL bomb), as well as a not insignificant stack of autographed cards, a small stack of nice vintage stuff I was planning to send for autos, and a bunch of Astros dupes that were set to go in the mail as well. Oh, and a bunch of cards I had pulled aside for trades. 
The larger frustration is not losing the cards as much as it is not knowing exactly what is gone. As someone who meticulously files his cards on the Trading Card Database ( plug, y’all), and having already removed these cards from any want list upon which they were listed, it’s astoundingly maddening.
When I get back to town, amidst trying to carry myself through work, two MBA classes, getting our shit replaced, a new dog, and oh yeah, having a meaningful marriage with my wife, I may just be able to compile a list of what might be missing. I doubt I’ll figure it all out though. 
At least most of it was dupes or stuff I was set to trade away I suppose. If you happen to find some Mudcat Grant cards (59, 62, and 72), those are definitely gone. Lost a nice 25/25 Bagwell quad relic from 2015 Museum as well. 
Maybe I’ll hit the pawn shops when I get back to Houston. Not sure when I’ll have time though. 
Thieves fucking suck. At least the Astros are fun to watch right now. 

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  1. That royally sucks, man. In the world there are mostly people that care, and here and there are the assholes we all have to deal with.

  2. Material goods are replaceable and don't matter anyway. That obviously is something that's lost on the loser(s) who invaded your privacy. Glad everyone's safe.

  3. Had a burglar one time. Just got a camera, DVD player and some jewelry. They actually found a lock box with a Joe Montana rookie card (among other things), but didn't take it.

  4. Went through something similar about three summers ago. Definitely one of life's more frustrating and aggravating inconveniences. I'm glad no one was hurt.

  5. I'll echo everyone's condolences. When it happened to my parents just a few months ago, it was scary and felt violating even to me, and that hasn't been my house for over 10 years.

  6. That just sucks. I hope they get the bastards that did this. Once you figure out what's gone, be sure to let us all know. I feel assured that the blogosphere will help replace those cards ASAP.

  7. That obviously sucks. Do you remember what number /25 the Bagwell was? You can look out for it on ebay. Other burglars have been caught that way.

  8. My sympathies. 'Stuff' can be replaced although that doesn't make it any less painful. I'm glad nobody was home.

    We should meet up at the next Houston show.

  9. Terrible news. So sorry to hear about this. Some people are complete, hopeless low-lives. Karma will get he/she/them in due time. Thoughts are with you and your family.

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