Catch O’ The Bay: Pressed by Dexter

Just a quick lunchtime post to get something out of the draft folder.There’s nothing like a nice vacation to totally kill your eBay budget, right? I needed to slow down on card-buying anyway. I’ve got a few Catch o’ The Bay posts to – ahem – catch up on, but those will be the last eBay purchases you see from me for a good long while, I believe.

This lot, though, was far too good to pass up, at a nice inexpensive price, too. What you’ll see here are seven of the twelve 1967 Dexter Press Houston Astros postcards, the 5×7 versions. Now, this lot was cheap because it’s missing the biggest names – Joe Morgan and Rusty Staub, but I’m not shedding any tears over that. For now, I’m as happy as smilin’ Bob “Aspro the Astro” Aspromonte over here to have these gentlemen sitting in my collection.

These aren’t perfect, but they’re in pretty good shape. And when it comes to scarce oversized stuff like these Dexter Press postcards, I’m certainly no snob.
I bet all the ladies thought Dave Giusti was a hunk. Look at that smile, and that chin. Definitely, right?
Ok, back to work.
 – Bru

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