Sticker Time!

It’s sticker time, y’all!
P.S. That’s an official Texas grammar lesson for you: proper punctuation on that is y’all, not ya’ll – short for “you all.”
I was cruising over to TCDB to input some new acquisitions when I saw a forum post from a gentleman named Joseph who had busted a box of ’94 Panini Stickers and was offering up dupes. So I of course said, “I’ll take any Astros dupes you have!” Now I don’t need any ’94 Panini stickers for my team collection. Here you see the big three.

And here are the other six gents from the Astros who were honored with a sticker. Some good mullets and ‘staches in there with the double Dougs.

I scanned the checklist for any of the other big players I collect that might have been in the set, and deciding not to be too greedy, asked after the two Randy Johnson stickers and the Cal Ripken, if there were any extras he would be willing to let go.

Ask, and ye shall receive after all! The silver Randy in the middle is a record breaker of some sort.
Thanks Joseph for the stickers! I’ll try to dig up some neat Blue Jays to send your way.
Now it’s time to pay it forward, because each of these you see here was sent with a second copy. So if you collect any of these guys, or just want a few more stickers, speak up! I’d be more than happy to send some your way – and yes, that includes Randy and Cal.
 – Bru

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  1. Joseph here – I have been reading your blog for a while, but hadn't connected you from TCDB to the blog so it was neat to come across this post today. I am always glad to find a better home for my dupes where they will be appreciated. Excellent idea regarding the second set I sent too. Also, if anyone is interested in any of the other stickers from the set, they can find me on TCDB (CrazieJoe) and let me know.

    Thank you in advance for anything Blue Jay you send my way.

  2. I'd love it if you'd set aside a Darryl Kile for me. (By the way, those uniforms were great but that logo was a sign of horrible things to come.)

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