Catch O’ The Bay: Berkman Patch

Time to post another eBay snag. This one was from back in April. Thankfully, it doesn’t have any snags, though.

I believe this is the first patch relic that I’ve picked up. It’s from 2009 Topps Unique, a set that I didn’t even know existed. This baby is thick! It’s a full pack worth, and was probably the only card in the pack. The card is serial numbered to 99 – I don’t have it with me, so forgive me for not posting it’s actual number.

Anyhow, no one seemed to want it, so I landed it on eBay for two bucks plus shipping.

Query: how do you guys store super-thick cards like these? Ideally I would have a binder for all my Astros relics and certified autographs, and not double up when loading the pages. These super-thick cards are too much for pages, though. The dilemma rages!

 – Bru

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