Catch o’ The Bay: Springer Relics

Another quick post to highlight something I purchased on eBay months ago. Killing that draft folder quick this time! Here’s a pair of 2015 Springer Relics that I snapped up on eBay.
The first one comes from the Topps Career High relic insert. As soon as I saw these this year, I was struck by how nice they were. When I found Springer was on the checklist, I added it to my saved searches on eBay, and finally found a one with a pinstripe to boot.
The other was one of the very nicely done Bat Kings relics from this year’s Donruss set. I love bat relic cards, they just feel a little cooler to own than your standard swatches. I’ve since added the gold foil version that’s numbered to 25 as well.
I’m super excited that Springer is finally off the DL and hoping that he can contribute in a big way this last month of the season. I’m thinking, oh, maybe 20 bombs against the Rangers in the last seven games against them should do nicely.
 – Bru

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