It’s ShoTime!

Time to feign catching up with a quick post. Good gravy, I am so far behind. Such is life with work and school and a marriage, though – somehow I’m managing to balance all three.

About a month ago I completed another trade with a member on the Trading Card Database site, this one with ShoTime. He had contacted me about a few cards I had dropped on a wantlist, and after a few messages back and forth we’d worked out a nice 25-or-so card trade on each side. First was a stack of Astros from the first three Studio sets. I love that smug-looking Eric Anthony, and Doug Jones and Gonzo were always favorites in my mind.

Moving on to 1994, I came away with another pair of the second offering of Flair, which I happen to think is a stunning set. The Caminiti finished off my ’94 Upper Deck base needs, now I just need some more electric diamond parallels.
Both the Bagwell and Biggio collections each picked up two more cards. Someday soon I should try and figure out just where they stand numbers-wise.
Finally, we’ll close out this trade post with a pair of inserts from this year’s releases: a Springer Hit The Dirt from Opening Day and a fantastic Altuve mini from Gypsy Queen. I like that GQ went with the throwback uniforms on a lot of the base set cards this year, as opposed to making them all SPs.
Thanks again for the trade, ShoTime!
Here’s hoping I can manage another post sometime soon, there are way too many in the draft folder. Not having a scanner isn’t really helping me out here.
 – Bru

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