JBF Sent Some Topps

Well, I had this one date-stamped, so it’s pretty obvious why I never got to this post. This one came in just a week or two before the break-in, and I think I was mired in finals for my first semester of my MBA program.

Anyhow, the fantastic JayBarkerFan sent me a little package to help out with my 2015 Topps build. My favorite two cards in the bunch were definitely the two above. Daniel Norris is my favorite kind of off-center player that you don’t find as often in modern baseball. That Rendon shot is phenomenal – more like this please, Topps! I’m thinking about picking up Rendon as a loose player collection, as he’s a local kid who was a star at Rice.

Forgive me for not remembering everything else that was in the package, JBF. I know there were a few bonus ‘Stros in the bunch, including this 1991 Front Row Draft Pick of Jimmy Lewis, a card that I would never have had on my radar.

Thanks for the trade, JBF!

 – Bru

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