I made a really big decision this week. Look, I enjoy collecting. We all do, or we wouldn’t take the time to write posts and scan cards. Back around Labor Day I started re-prioritizing my collecting goals. I’m about to flip almost all of that on its head.

According to my log over at the Trading Card Database, I’ve got 42,194 cards in my collection, plus the additional 4,010 that are officially listed in my Trade list. That doesn’t count the big box worth of junk wax I’ve been trying to unload, or the couple blasters worth of 2016 I just bought. So let’s just say it’s somewhere around 50,000 cards. That’s over four cards a day for every day I’ve been alive.
About 6,000 of those are Astros cards. Some of those are probably duplicates, too.
The goal is to now unload 80% of my collection. I’ll keep all my ‘Stros for now, and the PC’s I enjoy, and a nice chunk of my autographs (which, according to my spreadsheet count, exceeds 1400 signatures at this point), and some of the older cards I just enjoy.
Now’s the part where I ask for your help. This is for my sanity and personal well-being. I need everyone out there in our beloved card-blog land to take a stack. Tell me what you’re looking for, what teams, players, sets, anything. I will send it to you, and then some. Are you crazy enough to work on a team autograph project? Well I can probably help out with a name or two there as well. 
I’ll still happily take Astros cards off your hands. But 80% to 90% of this stuff has to get out of here. I’d prefer to give as much of it as possible to you wonderful folks.
Alright. That’s the heavy dope. Here’s a rad card I had autographed at Astros FanFest two weeks ago. There are many more in a post to come, but this is one of my favorite additions.
That’s one of these fantastic Astrodome cards from 2014 Heritage, signed by two of the best to ever do it at the ‘Dome: the “Toy Cannon” Jimmy Wynn and fireballer J.R. Richard. If you’ve got spares of this card, you can send those my way. I wouldn’t mind getting a few more of them signed.
– Bru
P.S. If you collect a football or basketball team, please let me know. With very few exceptions, all of those must go. That’s another 2,500 – 3000 cards.

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  1. Bru, despite the fact that I probably have about 100,000 cards myself (I am still trying to figure out what *Brewers* I have), I'll take the Brewers off your hands. Let me know if you need postage.

  2. I'd be happy to help you unload Yankees or Rays, and if you're talking football I can help with Broncos. Let me know if you need postage for the generous offering.

  3. I'm pretty saturated with Angels, except for 2016 of course, or parallels and such. If you have any Angels autographs im sure I have Stros autos to trade. I can also use any Patriots cards you can offer. I think this will be my year to thin out as well.

  4. I'd love to have your Astros dupes. I do still collect Tigers but am trying to fill in some holes for Astros, any pre-2002. I'll cover the postage. Thanks for sharing your cards! The Heritage Dome is just an awesome card. I was only ever able to attend one time and had so much fun there. I was lucky enough to see Bagwell hit his first Astrodome grand slam.

  5. MN Twins, Bo Jackson, and Clayton Kershaw. Let me know how much shipping is and I'll gladly reimburse you. Also, I have some pretty cool Astro variant's from 2016 I can send your way. Check out my hobby box break post on Addiction as Therapy blog.

  6. Any Dodgers — I have a lot but you never know what's going to pop up that I need. Other than that, I'll take any older baseball (pre-1974) or football (pre-1980). Love the oddballs, too.

  7. Still have a pile of Astros for you in exchange for the E-Motions, and maybe Hometown Heroes inserts, 89 UD, and now your Redskins football. Can also use 2003 Topps series 1, any 1996, 1998, 1999 Topps baseball. Will also take any hockey you might have, especially Capitals. Debating whether to take the Orioles and Nationals if nobody else does….

  8. I'll take any inserts you had let from the 2016 Topps post the other day (except I don't need the back 2 back cards).

    I've actually pulled a few more cards since our last trade I could send your way. Don't worry – all Astros!

  9. Hello, I'm continuously putting together a sports history of Cleveland for my sons, so I'm avidly collecting Indians, Browns (and if you have basketball, Cavaliers). I also have a fondness for "specials" cards, like leaders, great moments, checklists, and other cards considered oddballs by some. Any generosity is appreciated–I'm at rmrlaw@sbcglobal.net

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