A Surprise Supersized Mailbox Combo

Fridays are often our favorite days of the week – you get done with work and you’re free for the weekend, after all. Well, this past Friday was particularly great, because I wound up with a sweeter-than-usual mail day when I arrived back at the house. Two big name flyers that I’d taken chances on last Spring Training finally made their way back to me.

Arguably two of the best hitters in baseball during their respective primes, Donnie Baseball and Big Mac each signed one of the two cards I’d sent them. Considering I had no real expectations of these coming back at this point, this was a phenomenal surprise. Mark’s signature has compressed recently (the big figure 8 is actually the k from his first name and the g in his last name), but I don’t even care.

I actually sent both of these out on the same day last year, giving them both a turnaround time of 374 days.

Considering the Brooks Robinson return that came in a week earlier and the several Astros I’ve added throughout the month (posts to come, of course), I’d say that February was a particularly great month for me in TTM land.

May your mailbox bounty be plentiful as well.

 – Marc

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