An Assorted Mailday

It’s an odd week here at the office. Most of the staff is gone (it’s a small office), and things are very quiet. I’m getting some good work done on a couple big projects, thanks to the lack of distractions. It’s also afforded me a small amount of blogging time, as you may have noticed.

Yesterday’s mailbox was similarly odd, with a wild assortment of goodies waiting for me, including some of those hand-egg fellers.

Let’s start off with yesterday’s TTM return: fellow Texas A&M alum Quentin Coryatt. He’s best remembered for what at A&M is simply called, “the hit,” a crushing blow that he delivered on a hapless TCU receiver that got the attention of ESPN. Today, it’s probably not legal, but it’s definitely a stunner. This autograph was a stunner too, as it’s one of the first I sent when I resumed my TTM endeavors in January – of 2014! Yep, this puppy has been out for over three years, and Quentin only lives about 30 minutes from me and probably 10 minutes from my folks.

I don’t do much in the land of eBay anymore, what with Baby Bru on the way (due in just 10 weeks!), but the few packs of Heritage I bought at Target made me really interested in what the inserts looked like. That led to me snagging this Altuve relic for under a fiver. If you come across a spare Springer or Correa, I’d love to complete the trifecta. Also, let’s take a moment to acknowledge how spot on Heritage is this year. The design is awesome, the card stock is effing immaculate, and the photos are really nice. It’s almost enough to make me want to go for the set, but I’m trying to get rid of cardboard, not accumulate more of it. I’ll settle for the Astros, a few PC guys, and some TTM fodder. I have a feeling these will look really great signed.
My final bit of mail came from another trade over at TCDB, with fellow (greater) Houston member Joshua, who’s handle is Sportzcommish. I plunked a big stack of Astros in his lap, including a fair number of my Bagwell dupes, in return for a handful of baseball players and some TTM fodder. First up: a pair of Hall of Famers.

And, here’s a pair of football Hall of Famerse. Joshua didn’t have much on my want list, but I took advantage of his trade list to pick up a few football guys, mostly in the effort of sending them off for some autographs. As a local legend, Warren Moon is a guy whose cards I pick up casually now and then – he and Hakeem Olajuwon share a small binder. He looks like he could use some O-Line help here, but maybe he’s just thankful that he doesn’t have to worry about LT over there. Those ’87 Topps football cards are a killer design, with the pennants at the top. I may have to replicate that for some customs – think about how awesome they would look as horizontals! Taylor does sign now and then via the Football HoF, but it seems very hit and miss. I picked up a couple more and might try to send him one before this year’s induction.

Here’s another pair of gridiron legends. Who could forget the Fridge? Childress was a superb defensive end, and is another fellow Aggie. He’s not enshrined in Canton, but he is in the College Football HoF. He was a two-time All-American at A&M, and made five Pro Bowl teams during his 11 years with the Oilers. Ray leaves near Houston (in Hempstead) and signs, so I picked up a few cards to send his way.

Finally, we come to the lone Astro in the trade package, this ’88 Fleer Glenn Davis. Glenn wants to know why the hell it took me so long to get to him, what with this being an Astros blog and all.

As always, any new Astros card is a welcome card in my collection, so Glenn’s just going to have to get over it and settle into his happy new home amongst my other Astros cards from 1988.

Thanks again for the trade, Joshua!

Last, but certainly not least – it’s time to pimp another contest! A Penny Sleeve for Your Thoughts is going to fire up the randomizer, and one lucky entrant is going to get some COMC loot. Go enter already!

 – Marc

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