All Caught Up (On One Side)

Uh, you guys. I did something I didn’t think I’d ever do. I’m all caught up on reading your blogs.

There’s like 180 feeds in the Card Blogs section of my reader (I use Feedly, by the by). And as of right now, there are 0 unread posts. Feedly keeps everything from the last month, so that’s a heck of a lot. And yeah, there’s probably more than a handful of dead blogs in there, but still. 0 unread posts.

How should we denote this achievement? Hmmm… Well, Eck thinks a celebration is in order. This is another one of the cards from the boxes Trevor gave me last year.

Now if I can just get caught up on my end of the blogging, I’ll be in business.

G’night now.
 – Marc

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