Oh, Peachy!

Time to interrupt the backlog of past trades to make sure I keep current on the recent ones. This here was a TCDB swap some time in the making with fellow member Fred, whose handle is dicefoot. I had a hunch from looking at his trade list that he might be located in the land of maple syrup, bagged milk and ketchup chips, and I was correct! So for all my Canadian card pals, perhaps look him up and see if you can strike up something.
I’m always willing to do a cross-border swap, so long as I can make sure I’ve got the cards for the other guy. That’s what held this trade up a bit, as there was a ’62 Post Felipe Alou that I couldn’t locate that Fred needed. He’s a Giants fan, and I managed to pull a half dozen other cards he needed, plus a few parallel inserts I didn’t see in his collection, and I asked for just two cards in return.
Nope, it wasn’t these two cards – Fred threw in a few sweet extras that he saw I needed, including these two from 2002 Topps 206.
Nor was this Polar Bear mini from the same set part of the deal. I’d asked for two particularly rare cards. But this sweet little Roy Oswalt was more than welcome to join the collection!

You may be sensing a theme here, but this Dallas Keuchel 2015 Stadium Club Foilboard parallel (#23/25) was not among my requests either. This one was quite the surprise, so thanks Fred!

Ah, here we go. These are the two beauties that I needed. Glorious 1965 cardboard – a Maz for my PC and Jean Claude Marc “Frenchy” Raymond, star of the Houston Colt .45s and later longtime radio broadcaster for his hometown Montreal Expos. These cards are absolutely gorgeous! The centering might not be perfect, but they are tack freaking sharp! I was not expecting that. However, all is not what it seems here – as you may have already guessed.

Yep! These babies are O-Pee-Chee’s! You won’t see any Français on these cards, but that little “© T.C.G.  Printed In Canada” text at the bottom gives it away. I knew these were coming, but it’s still just so ‘super-cool.’

Here’s the Maz back. Dig that fantastic swashbuckling cartoon up in the top. I love the ’65 hand-lettered names as well. I find it a little funny that my OPC copy is so much nicer than my regular version!

Thanks for the trade Fred, and many thanks for the extras! That was very generous of you.

 – Marc

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  1. It turned out to be a very Pirate oriented post! Hamstring issues have killed Polanco's development. The Pirates are in trouble if he doesn't start producing.

    Also, I'm a sucker for those diecut Elite parallels. I'm constantly adding Pirates from those sets.

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