Oscar Claus Dropped By The ‘Dome

Like many of you, I was among the lucky recipients of an unexpected visit from good ol’ Santa Oscar Claus of All Trade Bait All The Time. Let’s see what was in his sack envelope of goodies that he sent over!

First up are the Bagwells, and we’ll start off with this plump and juicy oddball from the 1992 Jimmy Dean set. I’ve got one of these in my collection already, but I’ve got a soft spot for food issues, so I think this one will kick-start my ’92 JD set.

That’s a super-shiny Power Boosters insert from 1996 Topps – it’s an odd little sparkly parallel insert set featuring twelve of the Star Power subset cards and 13 of the Draft Pick cards. The other is a Diamond Glory insert from 1999 Pacific Prism. Nice adds!

There was one more sparkly Bagwell in the bunch – another dupe for me, but it was too good not to show. Plus, this helps me out on getting all my scans done. This one is a 1997 Topps “Sweet Strokes” insert, and it’s pretty damn electrifying.

A couple early 90’s Score cards – Biggio down in the dirt, and a new Cal Ripken from the 1991 The Franchise subset. Nice!

Oscar nailed a low-key PC of mine with a few cards of the Big Unit. These two were fantastic additions to the collection. Just look at that 1996 Topps! I half expect to see a bird fly in and get blasted to feathers any second.

Thanks for the great cards Oscar!

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