Trader’s Backlog: Bits from Brian

Yikes! With scan folders this small, I really have no excuse for why I didn’t get these posts up in time. No matter, just time to get on with it. This was a quick swap from back in March with TCDB member Brian, aka CKBeber329. I sent over a fat stack of ’87 Topps that I decided to unload, and was able to pick up a few Astros and a couple other stray delights.

There were a couple of the Fleer logo stickers that I was missing, but the only actual Astros cards in the package were these two from 2001 Topps. Dotel’s got some crazy pitcherface going on there! Gotta love a nice shot of big Tony at the plate, too.

I picked this one up for my Cal Ripken PC, but I’ll take Denny’s hologram cards any day. Food issue + shiny + crazy DoF = yes please. Someday I’ll build these sets.

Last, but certainly not least, was this great Willie Stargell card from 2002 Upper Deck’s Piece of History. Love it when I can add to my Pops PC.
Thanks for the trade Brian! Sorry about my posting neglect. Perhaps we can do it again soon.
 – Marc

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