Trader’s Backlog: June Cards from Jayson

Just a quick post to highlight one of my trades from June, as I try to move forward with clearing out this backlog. These cards came in from TCDB member Jayson, aka redlegs_baseball. I sent over a couple of ’74 Topps Traded cards and a little stack of ’93 Studio that he needed, and in return I got a nice little package of Astros.
First, was a quartet of 1992 Pinnacle cards that wiped out my set needs. Al Osuna and his #pitcherface was my favorite of those.

Next was a five-spot of 1993 Topps Gold cards, a parallel set that I’m actually close to completing. Inky gets the nod as my favorite card here. 

The highlight of the package, though, was this fantastic Pirates oddball from the 2001 Sunoco Dream Team set. This was a fabulous addition to my Mazeroski collection.
Thanks again for the cards, Jayson!
 – Marc

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