More Randoms from Trevor

Remember how I showed off some cards from Trevor? You know, from the giant haul of cards I took in about 18 months ago?

Well, here’s the rest of the non-Astros I wanted to highlight out of the group. This’ll be a quick post, hopefully.

First up – a 1993 Fleer “Super Star Special” card featuring Pudge with the great Kirby Puckett. These were often taken at the All-Star games, from what I can recall. This one slipped into my Pudge Rodriguez collection.

There were a few more cards that made their way into that section, including this ’92 Ultra and ’08 Topps.

There were also several more Rangers that slid into PC’s, including my man Julio. I mean, any dude who’s still trying to play ball in his 50’s is gonna get some points with me. I hope some team brings him back after his 60th birthday. 

There were some nice cards of Juan Gone as well. Look Nick, more ’92 Ultra!
I didn’t plan it this way, but I suppose the ’92 Ultra has become a thing. I really dig those Reggie Jackson “Clutch Performers” inserts from ’93 Upper Deck, so I may try and chase the insert set now.

I managed to find several nice new cards of the Big Unit for my Randy Johnson PC as well. The ’91 Ultra is particularly nice looking with the blue and gold of the Mariners combining with the road gray uniforms.

This ’93 Topps was a really nice use of the horizontal format as well.

These two pitchers didn’t have careers anywhere close to that of Randy, but I like them for separate reasons, so the Rated Rookie cards of Jose Lima and Chan Ho Park both found their way into my keeper box.

A couple of 80’s/90’s studs here, on some inserts – a Topps Glossy All-Star and a Special Edition parallel from 1994 Donruss. There was a good little run of ’94 Donruss in the boxes, including several of the Special Edition parallels.

A couple ’92 Fleer HOFers that slipped into the keeper box as well. Sure, Mussina isn’t technically there yet, but he will be. He certainly deserves to be there.

Continuing on the Orioles train, I found a few Ripkens to add to my binders as well. I think that’s an ’84 or ’85 Glossy Send-In on the left. Such a young Cal!

He wasn’t the only Orioles infielder I put into the keepers, however. I have a casual PC of Billy, primarily for the fact that he’s “the Other Ripken.” The big surprise was this (’07?) Turkey Red of The Human Vacuum Cleaner and his splendid stirrups.

These guys both seemed “destined for HOF careers” at some point. The ’94 Donruss MVP inserts are rather nice, so I decided to hang onto them as well.

I kept this ’94 Stadium Club of the other fishy Angel to win ROY, it’s a great example of fine SC photography.

There were more Glossy All-Stars as well. Ozzie is one of my favorite HOFers to collect – one of the few of whom I pretty much keep everything. I always liked Clark when he was playing as well, and he’s been great TTM – though I don’t think I’ll be sending this one off to him.

I stumbled into some cards of one of the more recent HOFers as well. I particularly like the ’95 Donruss Thome on the right.

Finally, the newest cards in the lot that I decided to keep – some 2011 Topps, including another Thome and a Zach Britton rookie card.

Alright, that’s another overdue post out of the way. I get to hit up a card shop in Nashville later today (we’re here visiting my brother and his wife), so I’m particularly excited about what I may find. Have a good one!

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