Outgoing Mail Day!

Heads up to the following zip codes:


I’m really busy right now, but I’m trying not to let this thing die out. I have hope that I can get caught up on all the packages that have come in by the end of November, so that I can start a few new series/resurrect some concepts that I haven’t done in a while, and also show off my favorite pickups off the year – which would be just about every eBay purchase I’ve made this year and haven’t highlighted here. If I get the timing right, that’ll come in December, which is just perfect.

Also, I wanted to highlight a few things here at the ol’ blog.

  1. I’ve made some hulking progress on the ol’ Want List. It’s up to date through 2015, and has Bowman/Panini/Stadium Club/Flagship complete for 2016. At this rate I might finally have them up to date by year’s end.
  2. Take a look over at that sidebar, and you’ll see a pair of lists. Perhaps you’ve glanced upon them before. Anyway, in addition to the white whale list, there’s a pretty long list of Set Killers. These are cards that will fulfill an Astros team set for me. If you have but one card to send me and it’s one of those – well hell, I’ll be over the moon.
  3. Um, that’s it. There is no three that I can think of at the moment.
No post should be cardless though! Here’s a couple random things that made their way my direction thanks to the wonder that is combined shipping on eBay.

First – a pair of postcards from the 2004 All-Star game of Houston’s big arms – Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte. These were a fun little find that I happened upon when I picked up a few autographs that I still need to show off here.

Then there’s this bad boy. This is a freaking awesome Power Brokers insert from 1999 Topps. It was a tougher insert pull. I remember pulling just one of them as a kid, the Mark McGwire, and I thought it was amazing. 90’s inserts were so great. So when I chanced upon this in a “Seller’s Other Items” list, I knew I had to pick it up.
Oh, but there’s more – because I got this puppy for less than a buck, if I recall right. When it arrived, I eagerly took it out of the package only to have one of those moments. Wait a minute, I thought, this is a refractor!
Yes indeed, I picked up the even tougher refractor version thanks to a seller who probably didn’t even realize that was a thing that existed. It was a lovely day.
Mail day is a lovely day too.
P.S. Are you building 2018 A&G, Archives, Big League, Fire, or Heritage (including High Numbers)? Hit me up, I can help. I need to move some of this cardboard.

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