Brubaker’s Dozen Finds of Ebay #11: Lima Time!

Yesterday’s entry started out with me finding a nice framed mini printing plate in my saved searches. Today, we have yet another printing plate.

But wait, why does this outrank a four-card pickup that had two autographs, a patch card, and a printing plate?

Well, for starters – this one was dirt cheap. Under $5 shipped! But you have to factor in the card here, as well…

It’s LIMA TIME TIME! Yes, I chanced upon a printing plate from one of the most phenomenal Astros cards from the 1990’s, the 1999 Stadium Club #11 José Lima. This one is the black plate, giving us plenty of the detail. It’s superbly awesome because it is a supremely José Lima card – backwards cap, Oakley shades, glove on head, lounging with a bat that he’s using to play air guitar during Spring Training. Plus, it’s from Lima’s heyday, as he and Mike Hampton led the 1999 pitching staff, each reaching 20 wins. Oh hell yes, this is a perfect piece of cardboard.

Here’s the real deal for you. I had to pull a pic from the interwebs as I stored some of my binders away for the time being, or I’d give you a proper scan.

I’m sure that Nick V. will be quick to notice that the team logo, brand logo, and name are all overprinting.

Seriously, if you can’t appreciate this glorious piece of cardboard, I’m not sure if we can be friends.

Alright, I’ve got a busy Saturday ahead: our niece’s birthday party, followed by working one of our photobooth jobs at a mitzvah tonight – at Minute Maid Park.

Check in tomorrow to see what’s next on the Brubaker’s Dozen.

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