No, don’t worry – I’m not talking about the blog. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I know I said I would start knocking out the past few months of trade posts. Well, that will come before too long. Over the past few weeks though I put most of my hobby time into finishing off my custom “2018 Starchives” set that documented the last season of Astros baseball.

And it’s done! I’m going to get to print it later today!

Yes, I missed deadline. Night Owl would be sorely disappointed in me – but, he sent me some cards anyway, which I’ll need to blog about.

I’ll do a proper recap post on this set sometime in the next week, but for now here’s a quick preview of the entire thing. Click through to watch it on YouTube a bit bigger.

Oh man, that is just too cool for words! I can’t believe it’s finally done. My utmost thanks to Nick V., who has been instrumental in this process. He’s been someone I could bounce ideas and tweaks off of, provide opinions on difficult photo selections, and is largely responsible for the bulk of the highlight back design.
Here’s just a few of my favorite roster cards, before I go.

And the stadium / team leaders card that leads off the set.
I’m so excited! I can’t wait to go by the printer after work and get these in hand!

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