Hey Mikey, I Like It

I’m trying to knock out some of the quick ones while I’ve got a little time to write. This little package came in from Michael over at TCDB (MMehler30 if you’d like to trade with him). I pulled a George Brett insert he needed from 2019 Topps (one of those silly Grapefruit League Greats cards), and he sent me a small proposal right after I listed it for trade.

Thanks to Michael, I was able to pick up a few of those silly Topps Holiday cards which I generally loathe as the cash grab that they are. But as a team collector, I will of course welcome any of the Astros that come my way. I’m thankful that they changed up the snowflake pattern this year, at least. I do appreciate these, so please don’t take any of that the wrong way. It’s always nice to cross needs off the want list.

This Verlander rounded out the snowy trio, and Michael also provided the first of the ’84 Topps redux cards I need from the newest Topps set. That it was Nolan Ryan in a glorious rainbow jersey made it even better. If I wanted to nitpick, I’d say something about how the Astros didn’t have the number on the pants anymore by ’84 (dropped it after the ’79 season), but hey – I don’t expect Topps to get that in the weeds here.
Thanks for the quick swap, Michael! That was a lot of star power you sent my way in exchange for George, and I definitely appreciate it. 

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