The Blog Is Dead, Long Live The Blog

I abhor how much that line gets abused, so please allow me to use it properly. The [old] blog is dead, long live the [new] blog. You see, this line was used to acknowledge the death of a king and recognize the throne’s new occupant. So you won’t see any more posts at Remember the Astrodome 1.0. That blogger is dead. But you’ll find new posts here!

This has been a long time coming, and honestly it is something I briefly contemplated when I first came back to the hobby and decided to start typing about cards. I finally decided to port the blog over to WordPress, giving me a bit more flexibility with some of the site’s secondary content.

This isn’t going to be just a card blog anymore, either! Much in the same vein as my frequent trading pal Nick Vossbrink, I’ll be expanding the breadth of topics here to cover the subjects of family, photography, and other things of interest. Or rather, I’m finally rolling the card blog into all that.

If that’s not your bag and you don’t want to grab the main feed, all card-related bloggery will be happening in the Remember the Astrodome category. So if that’s all you’d like to see, you can grab this RTA-specific feed and drop that in your reader. I certainly won’t be offended.

But what’s a collecting post without some cards? I’ve still been really active on the trade front, so you’ll see a lot of those posts starting to trickle through these parts. These lil’ buddies came in via a trade with Nick Diunte (@ExamineBaseball) via Twitter. I was able to unload some 2019 Heritage and GQ extras in exchange for these two A&G minis and one other Astro. The Keuchel here is an A&G back.

The last card in this quick trade was a 2019 Rookie of the Year Favorites insert of Kyle Tucker from this year’s Bowman set. Thanks to his sweet swing, quick minor league progress, and bonkers AAA numbers, Tucker was the hot prospect for Houston coming into the year despite struggling in limited playing time during 2018. Because Michael Brantley was everything we hoped for and more, an absolute monster bat in Yordan Alvarez, and other roster crunching (Kemp and White were both out of options at the beginning of the year, with both now moved), Tucker hasn’t made an appearance this year, although he’ll certainly be called up in September. That hasn’t stopped Topps from shoving him into every single set this year, though, which is unfortunate for Yordan. This is a sweet card, even though its Tucker’s teammate who has a really strong shot at that RoY award at the moment.

There’s still quite a bit of tweaking that will be going on here, but at the very least you can expect to see posts from me once more. I’m hoping to get up a redesigned section to cover my Astro-graphs project before too long. Plus, aside from the small mountain of cards I’ve yet to cover, I need to put up some posts about summer travels and Lil’s first (and second!) baseball games.

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  1. I’m finally getting caught up, but for what it’s worth, I like the new direction that you’re going in. My favorite kind of posts have always been the one’s that involve family/memories/other interests, and it looks like you’ll be doing more of those… so I’m definitely on board with the new blog 🙂

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