Eagle, er, Owl-Eyed

I still have most of my incoming cardboard sent to the PO Box I’ve kept for the past seven years, but there are a few observant trade partners of mine who have noticed that’s not the return address on the envelopes and mailers they receive from me. So every now and then cards show up in the mailbox at home, and that happened twice on Thursday!

One of those packages that arrived was from the esteemed Night Owl. Greg’s esteemed blog just turned eleven! I suppose out of all the trading partners that would notice, I should expect a sharp-eyed editor to pick up on a small detail like a return address label. I’ve sent a few things to Greg this year – and I have another growing pile that I need to get out soon – and this latest salvo he sent my way had some lovely cards within it. The highlight was that very nice ’69 Dierker. I have a copy, but I took it to see Dierk at the last Legends Weekend I attended, so I needed another one lacking ink. This one might have been even better than the last!

I feel like the ’82 – and ’83 – Donruss designs get an egregious amount of disrespect in the hobby. I love them – particularly the ’83 design with the glove – and while I had these already I believe I may try to get some of them signed. Plus, look at that marvelous ‘do on Tony Scott? Can you have enough copies of that card? I submit that you cannot.

Two other cards I needed: a random prospect washout from the absolutely gorgeous 1994 Bowman set. I really like that design, something about it just gets me in my core. The Bagwell is an insert from the lovely 2002 Upper Deck Vintage set. I may indeed have a copy already – I need to double-check my binder – and if I do I’ll see if Mark Armour is going to tackle the inserts from this set, I believe he just started building it.

There were some new Astros as well! This Altuve from Stadium Club is gorgeous. That smile is so ever-present, it’s a great representation of José. The Tucker from 2019 Archives is pretty representative at the moment as well. He certainly has a big swing and sells out most of the time. It’ll be interesting to see what he can do this September, and whether he earns a spot in next year’s outfield.

The real score in the package (aside from that Dierker) was a slew of parallels from this year’s Big League set! A lovely Blue Josh James (this is a very nice card of the young pitcher) and four more Gold parallels to boot. I may make quick work of those Golds at this rate, a few more just arrived in another trade.

Thank you so much for the package Greg! I’m still working through that want list page on your blog, but I’ll have something headed back your way before too long. Good luck to your Dodgers the rest of the way – until that World Series, that is.

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