Steady Rolling, I Keep Going

As I mentioned, there have been a lot of swaps this year, and I’ve been pretty quiet around these parts. That means there are a lot of trades that still need to be blogged about, so let’s keep this train a moving.

One of my recent swaps was with propmaker over at TCDB, and it was our first exchange. He’d fired over a proposal requesting a few Angels and some 2018 GQ cards, both of which I was happy to unload in exchange for some Astros – and not only just some Astros, but also some lovely 90’s needs, including these two Topps Gold parallels from 1994.

Here are a couple of the other glorious cards that arrived, with that beautiful shooting star uniform so impressionable to my childhood. I will go to the mat for these any day of the week, but that’s another matter. The super-shiny thing on the left is a 1997 Metal Universe card of Shane Reynolds, and his baseball has all these comic-book-esque flames emanating from it. I love it. And then there’s this ultra-awkward card of Operation Shutdown probably horsing around during warmups, and I love the hell out of it as well.

There was also a new Bagwell card awaiting me in this little swap! And thanks to the subsequent wantlist updating I discovered that Bagwell is actually in this Donruss Champions set a few times, which means I will now need three times more cards of him from this set than I previously thought – well, less one. There are several parallels and even relic versions of these. If you’ve got any, hit me up because I’m definitely lacking.

So, many thanks to my new trading pal for the ‘Stros, and that discovery.

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  1. Fleer Metal is one of those brands that I really miss, the designs were top notch for all of the three major sports, and they created some really great inserts, most of which still look pretty awesome even today!

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