More Little Trades!

Alright, the third little batch of small TCDB trades has rolled in, which means I’m already starting to get behind on 2020. I guess I better pound out a quick post so that I don’t get in the weeds.

First up, we have a little trio from Bruce L. (Godzilla8you), a Red Sox collector. I’d found a long-requested Boggs mini that had gone AWOL, and used it to launch another small swap between us. That netted me a 1999 Bowman Craig Biggio, and from 2001 Bowman Chrome: another new Jeff Bagwell card and an Adam Everett. Many thanks for the little trade!

The other little trade that rolled in was from Kyle (cl_kyle), who sent me some 90’s inserts and parallels. Well, rather, I requested them via the Transaction Manager, but that’s how I landed these sweet Billy Wagner Bowman cards. On the left we have a Minor League Player of the Year Candidate insert from 1996 Bowman, something I’ve never seen, and on the right is a super-duper refractor from 1997 Bowman Chrome. Gotta love the early refractor stuff.

Oh, but that’s not all! I scooped up three Bagwell parallels in the Bowman-fest that was this trade. These are International parallels (what they started calling Hometown parallels in more recent times) from 1997 Bowman, 1997 Bowman Chrome, and 1998 Bowman (a set I love but should probably have no business loving). Heck yes, three more new Bagwell cards to add to 2020’s young tally. This was quite a power-packed little trade! Thanks Kyle, and I hope we can do it again soon.

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