The Small Trade Parade, Vol. VII

It’s baaaaaack! The Small Trade Parade has returned. I know it is somewhat unnecessary to acknowledge every trade here on the blog – particularly the TCDB ones, as most of them aren’t readers, but it is something I like to do. So, seeing as I’ve decided to soldier onward with this blog – at least for now, I’m going to hit up some of my recent trades. Here’s a quartet of small swaps for you to peruse.

This lovely Canadian quartet of ’80s O-Pee-Chee came in via Eric (ericcapemay) over at TCDB. I love snagging up some lanceurs et voltiguers. Checking the backs on these is always a delight. My favorite here is certainly Le Grand Orange, given Staub’s position as an Expos legend. Thanks Eric!

Here’s a more modern quartet of Astros from Doug (donttalktorobots at TCDB). If you’re not certain which card here is my favorite, well, you must be new around these parts. I’ve picked up a few copies of this Bagwell so far, but if you have any of the parallels, please hit me up. The Tucker card is a nice shot, but the Urquidy shines here – literally. This is the base copy (they are refractors), but the scan angle gave this one some crazy waves.

These two 2021 Topps parallels came from Nate (n8winters) – this one was a Twitter swap. Both of these guys turned out to be pretty darn good on the mound last season. Here’s hoping they can repeat it this year.

A return trading pal Joe (JoeMeloni) offered up two new Bregman cards in exchange for a throwback variation from 2015, and I happily accepted.

I may have traded with Scott (bravefan1) more than any other trade partner over at TCDB at this point. He’s more than happy to throw together a 1 to 3 card PWE swap at the drop of a hat – or a want list match. I can’t recall what I sent, but landing a sweet Bagwell and two new Fire parallels is a pretty darn nice return.

Finally, I pulled off my first swap with Anderson (andersonadams1), landing among other things a Phil Nevin insert from 1995 Stadium Club, a Donruss All-Star pop-up, and – uh, an Enoli Paredes card that I’ve had for a while? Wait a second, something must be amiss here.

Ah, that’s why – it’s the Advanced Stat back! These are numbered to 300 and feature stuff you’d see if you looked up the player’s Statcast page. Check out that breaking ball spin rate – 2894 rpm compared to a league average 2459. I love me some Enoli, so this is indeed a nice pickup.

Thanks again to all my trading partners, great and small.

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  1. It’s really nice to see a new post from you. And I think I forgot to say so on Twitter the other day, but congratulations to you and your wife on the new baby! 🙂

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