TTM Report: August 2021

Alright, nothing too fancy here in the intro. I’m just trying to keep the train rolling with another simple entry and keep clearing out that backlog. Here’s a post of 5 more TTM returns, which arrived last August.

Jim Rice: 1/1, 22 days with fee.

We’re going to start this post off strong with another heavy hitter. Jim Rice scratches another name off the Hall of Famer list, and this return also gives me another lovely 1981 Fleer in the books. In fact, I should probably go update that 1981 Fleer page pretty soon, but I’m going to try and get through all the outstanding TTM Reports before I do. At any rate, it’s always nice to add another Hall of Fame name, and Rice has a pretty stellar signature to boot. Between that, the ‘stache, the smile, the majestic 1981 Fleer-ness of it: how can you not love this card? I sure do.

Mike Tyson: 2/4, 14 days

Here’s one which was sitting in my “to write” pile for ages – heck, years even. A guy named Mike Tyson who appeared in two sets I love getting signed? Heck yes, we’re going to (eventually) write that guy. Mike has a 2 card limit, apparently, but fortunately for me he signed the most important two cards, so I shan’t have to write him again.

Robert Parish: 3/3, 41 days

Hey look, we’ve got another stray non-baseball request, and it’s yet another Hall of Famer! Robert Parish was wrapping up his career as I was following basketball as a kid, and I was unfamiliar with the breadth of his work in the game. He’s slipped down the leaderboards a tad, but it’s easy to look back at where he was when he finished that career and understand what an outstanding talent he was. I love the 1990-91 Hoops set, with it’s simple design evoking the key, and the fact that Parish chose a silver marker which echoes the border is just fantastic. The other two come from the ’91-’92 set, one an All-Star card and one a retrospective. They’re both great.

Delwyn Young: 1/1, 49 days

When I wrote Delwyn I thought I was working on a family project, however he’s not part of the Dmitri and Delmon Young family, as much as I’d like him to be. Delwyn’s dad Delwyn Sr. did have a 13 year career in pro ball, reaching AAA a few times and playing overseas in the CPBL, so it kinda counts? I remember Delwyn coming to Sugar Land in 2014 and spending a few years as a Skeeter. He’s now the manager of the State College Spikes, one of the victims of the minor league “realignment” job that MLB pulled, in the Draft League.

Alright, I led off with a heavy hitter and stashed a non-baseball HOFer in there, but this last one is probably my favorite return from last August. Who could top those two?

Adam Jones: 2/2, 49 days

It’s star outfielder Adam Jones, who sent this back FROM JAPAN! Adam spent 2020 and 2021 with the Orix Buffaloes, where he put up a .250/.334/.390 line across 159 games and belted 16 homers and drove in 66 runs. Stateside, I recall Adam as a really exciting player, and one of the leading voices when it came to speaking out about some of the latent racism black players still face, along with the struggle to get more black players into the game. This one was super cool to receive, and was the only return out of the five NPB requests* I sent.

*I found a stamp hookup on SCN! I’ll probably write a few more this summer.

Alright, like I said up top: a quick and easy post today. A baseball HOFer, a basketball HOFer, and one return from Japan highlighting the bunch. It was smaller on the numbers, but definitely packed some pop!

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  1. Robert Parish will never get the respect that he should for the career that he had. He’s also very generous with his signature, which seems like something that should receive more praise than it does as well.

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