So This is the New Year

Alright, we made it to 2024. And hey, look! It’s an actual post on this darn blog!

As far as goals go, I’m throwing all that out the window. It’s far too much to keep track of for this day and age. I’m hoping to just have a nice collecting year – some good TTM action, adding to my Astrographs and 1981 Fleer autograph projects, advancing on a couple set builds, and in general trading away more than I receive.

“But Marc, you just listed a bunch of goals!” you cry.

You know what’s missing there, though? Discrete numbers. None of this stuff matters, really. If it brings some joy to my life, that’s good enough for me.

Speaking of bringing joy, Jason of Heavy J Studios sent over this fabulous Dusty Baker card from Topps Now. Dusty has officially retired – on his own terms this time – and he did one hell of a job here in Houston, finally securing a ring. I think he could have had two more, but for a few unlucky breaks. He’s a surefire HOFer, although I’m not certain when he (and Bruce Bochy) will get on whatever dang ballot they need to be on, since that seems to change every few years.

Anyway, how could you not love this card? It’s Dusty at his finest – simultaneously full of joy and looking like a badass. Thank you so much Jason!

So, here’s to more joy – and some more frequent posting in 2024.

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