1981 Fleer

For all its quirks and typos, there’s just something about the initial post-monopoly set from Fleer. It’s simple, gorgeous, actually has a lot of wonderful photos, and as such, it lends itself well to autographs. So, I’ve been working on a little project for a long while – if I’m writing someone for an autograph, I often send their 1981 Fleer card, so long as I’ve got it. I’ve gotten over 10% of the cards signed at this point, and they just look so great together. So here they are, all in one spot! Enjoy.

I’ll update this page as more of them arrive. They’re in order by card number.

Last update: October 18, 2022
Current count:
106/660, 16.1%

HOFers: Andre Dawson, Dennis Eckersley, Jim Kaat, Tony LaRussa, Paul Molitor, Jim Palmer, Jim Rice, Ozzie Smith, Don Sutton

Signatures by team:

Astros: 11
Pirates: 8
Dodgers: 7
Orioles: 7
Rangers: 6
Phillies: 5
White Sox: 5
Braves: 4
Cardinals: 4

Expos: 4
Giants: 4
Twins: 4
Athletics: 4
Blue Jays: 4
Angels: 3
Brewers: 3
Cubs: 3
Indians: 3

Mets: 3
Red Sox: 3
Yankees: 3
Mariners: 2
Padres: 2
Royals: 2
Reds: 1
Tigers: 1

I mean, come on – that’s just a majestic little gallery right there.