Disclaimer: this is very much a page in progress. I’m working on reorganizing the site a bit.

What’s a collection without some projects. Here’s a central spot where you can find several of the things I have in the works.

Autograph Projects

Astro-graphs: The goal here is a single signed card from every single player and coach to suit up for the Astros. That’s ambitious, and impossible for some, but there’s a little leeway in there. You can learn more about my self-imposed constraints and see tons of signatures.

Awards and Honors: I’ve decided to make separate pages for these – it’s fun to flip through my binders and see them together, but sometimes cards fall into multiple categories. It’s much easier to display them digitally, in that instance. Hall of Famers are always nice, but I also like tracking the main awards: MVP, Cy Young, ROY, heck even things like Reliever/Fireman of the Year, Manager of the Year, Comeback players. Why limit yourself when the joy can be boundless?

Other Baseball Autograph projects:

  • Baseball Bloodlines: There’s just something about baseball families.
  • 1981 Fleer: I love this set. Not a true chase, but a compiling. They’re fun to look at all together!
  • 1999 / 2000 Just: I got a bunch of these signed as a kid, so I’ve been adding to them over time.

Non-Baseball Autographs: Calling these a “project” is a bit of a stretch. I just wanted to put together some pages to see these as galleries.

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Olympians
  • Other Sports