One Man’s Junk Wax Is…

… another man’s treasure of course! I was delighted to come home to a mailbox with three PWE’s from Jeff at One Man’s Junk (Wax). Inside were stacks for three sets I’m working on, 1988 Donruss, the lovely 1988 Score, and my nearly finished 1989 Topps. I think he was trying to sneak some cards my way, because he never sent his address over to me, but now there’s a package headed back his direction as well.
First, the 1989 Topps. I thought I’d scan a handful to show off here on the blog, and that Eckersley is just too good. Plus, he’s got his name written on his glove. There’s a mini collection for someone if I’ve ever seen one. With Fregosi’s passing on Friday, I wanted to definitely include this nice managerial card.

I went through that period where I couldn’t stand Jose Canseco, but after following him on Twitter and dismounting from my high horse, I’ve fallen back in love with the Bash Brother. He’s hilarious. I really like this little Ripken over here as well. Hard to believe I didn’t have the lesser Ripken in my collection yet.
On to the 1988 Donruss. Look at how happy Cory Snyder is to be home in my collection! Jeff must have heard of my affinity for Casey Candaele, too. He was one of the first players I clung to on the early 90’s Astros. Unfortunately Casey couldn’t hang around the team.
Finally, Jeff sent me a nice stack of 1988 Score, which I think is one of the best sets of the 1980s. The photography is generally good – some is a little dark – but the framing is great, and the borders are excellent. Here are some of my picks from the four dozen Jeff sent me. Look, more Casey! Plus the Wizard, the Rocket, and another of my favorite Astros, Cammy.
With Jeff’s package, I’m down to needing three – just three – cards from 1989 Topps. If I can track these down, it’ll be the first set I’ve ever put together through collecting.
3 Gary Carter – Record Breaker
19 Greg Gagne
298 Chris James

So come on, help me out finishing my first set!

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