eBay Pickup: Oh (Pee-Chee) Canada

I got home today from our trip and checked the mailboxes per usual. Unfortunately there were no new TTM returns, but another one of my “buy a bunch of cheap cards from the same seller on eBay” packages arrived.

Most of what I bought this time were 70’s and 80’s O-Pee-Chee Astros cards, which were brought to my attention when this lovely ’82 OPC J. R. Richard popped up in one of my saved searches.

Unfortunately I missed out on several of the cards I was eyeing – a few due to poor timing as I was out at a bar with friends when the auction alerts began to hit my phone – and a few due to prior bids. I think I may have paid about fifty cents for this Richard, and nothing else was any more than a quarter.

I won’t bore you with a dozen vintage OPC Astros, but I’ll share the other cards I came across while splurging.

I spotted these two ’75 Topps for nineteen cents each and jumped on them. I suppose I’m slowly building what is nearly every card blogger’s favorite set.

This Catfish Hunter popped out pretty quickly, and though I think I already picked up this ’81 Trammell in my big vintage box, I grabbed it for less than two dimes in hopes of mailing it off for an autograph.

Finally, there was this lovely Ralph Kiner TBTC card out of the 1977 Topps set. This one was a no-brainer addition.
Now that I’m back, I hope to wrap up the blogging on the “Big Bang” vintage score soon, and get some trades out to a few of you. Then it’ll be time to start posting trade bait, so be prepared.
 – Bru

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