This Week in TTM: Return to Jordan

It has been slow around here on the TTM front, with nothing having arrived in the past couple weeks. I’ve written another couple handfuls of letters, but I hadn’t seen a return in a while and was wondering to what I should attribute the slowdown.

Well, the return counter got reset on Wednesday with my second signature of the year from Jordan Zimmermann. I was going through a stack of players to write and had already drafted up the letter and addressed an envelope by the time I realized I’d sent that 2011 Archives card off to him earlier in the year.

Jordan came through with a nice thin signature in blue this time, and I think it looks pretty great on this 2013 Topps card. It took 60 days for this one to come back to my mailbox.

Unfortunately, however, that’s the only one to make it back this week, and my “days without a return” counter is back up to three already.

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