All Hail The Junior Junkie!

What’s Ken Caminiti so excited about here? Well I can only assume that he’s waving a thanks for being a number one trading partner to The Junior Junkie for sending some more Astros my way, of course! I had dropped a pair of Griffey oddballs in the mail, and in return TJ sent along a nice little pack of ‘Stros, all of which have happy homes here in my collection.
Cami is actually the reverse of a dual All-Star card with Scott Cooper – but seriously, who thinks Cooper was the better player? As a kid, this actually really irked me about these two-player cards – it seemed like more often than not the National League guys got stuck on the back, and of course I was much more interested in my beloved Astros. I could do without that numbering and copyright text on the image.
TJ sent a pair of nice new cards, fulfilling my first base set need from this year’s A&G, and also provided this wonderful quad 1969 sticker card from last year’s Archives set. That’s a nice assortment of pitchers there, although I’ll take the left half over the right.

Cookies!! Lucky for me, TJ lives in an adjacent state, which increases the likelihood of him coming across some regional Astros cards. These two are from the 1990 set.

Finally, here are the last two great cards that TJ sent me. First is another excellent Caminiti from the 1992 Denny’s Grand Slam holograms. I so want to put these sets together. If you have any extras, let me know – I’ve got a Canseco I got as a kid, and picked up a Bagwell in my collecting, but I don’t think I have any more, and there were a bunch of these. Last and certainly not least is an excellent signature from none other than Gonzo! Plus, it’s a rookie!

Thanks so much for another great trade TJ!

 – Bru

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  1. Those Mother's Cookies cards are rad. As a kid, I always assumed that the Padres were the only teams that had those as giveaways – still makes me smile to see 'em from other teams.

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