A New Addition

It’s been a week.

Well, it’s been longer since my last post. But it’s been a week since the newest piece was added to our collection. That’s right, I said our. Currently, we stand at a house, two cars, two cats, two dogs, and now one baby girl. This is L. She was born last Saturday.

I’ve got to say, the entire experience has been somewhat surreal. It has been life-altering, exhausting, exhilarating, and certainly joyous, all in ways far beyond what the cliche words can offer. Our nights are long, but getting better each day. We’ve had a number of firsts – including first car rides, first doctor visit, first trip with mom and dad to get coffee, and first bath. I’m sure that first baseball game is only a matter of time.

Understandably, I’m quite busy at the moment, but I’ve got my fair share of down time when I’m watching L or on night duty. So perhaps I’ll get to use that time for some blog catchup. Who knows? I’d like to preemptively thank all of you with whom I’ve swapped so far this year, I have scans in the queue and just need to get some posts up.

Ok, here’s one more photo for you, then it’s my turn to sleep.

 – Marc

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