Maz & The Motherlode

I added a nice piece to my Mazeroski collection this week – an excellent 8×10 photo that I believe is the source for his 1986 TCMA All-Time Pirates card, and I’m sure many more in the past couple decades. Check out this beauty!
That’s a great one for the binder. Too be honest though, I didn’t even know this was what I was getting. And it wasn’t really why I bought the lot of photos in which it came in the first place. That’s because the lot was for a whopping 363 8×10’s. Check out the stack, it’s a full 4 inches tall!

If you’re a fan of Out of the Park Baseball (or OOTP as it’s known), you’re probably familiar with the forums. I do a little lurking in some of the photo threads, always on the hunt for cool Astros/Colt .45s images I haven’t seen. Well, one of the members posted about a few auctions he had put on eBay, and added that he’d let any of them go for a best offer of fifteen bucks if we mentioned the OOTP forum post. I didn’t blink twice and took him up right away. I figured there would be some nice Astros photos, some more for TTM, and a few oldies I’d keep, and I’d dole the rest out. I fully intend to do that, as well. Once I’ve had a bit of time to go through and sort out the keepers, I’ll let you know what’s up for grabs. Maybe I’ll sneak them into trades. Who knows? I’ll post some more of the highlights to the blog as I go through as well.

Alright, I’ve got a little free time tonight so I’m going to try and bang out some posts that are stuck in the queue. This will probably become the home of a lot of short and sweet posts for the time being!

 – Marc

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  1. What a great photo! To say that you got an amazing deal on those photos seems like a massive understatement, but I don't really know what else one would call it. I for one, am looking forward to seeing more of the stack.

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