More Outgoing Mail Day!

Heads up to the homies in the following zip codes:


I don’t normally do these announcements, but after the last one it seems like they are a good method for posting a few cards here and there that would otherwise just sit in the scanned folders. Take these, for instance:

It’s a pair of Mark Appel cards from Bowman in 2014. Those would have been hot ticket items, but now that Mark is out of baseball (semi-retired?), they’re not too enticing to most people. One is a hometown parallel (Appel was born in Houston, hence the giant Texas flag), the other is a crazy sparkle-icious “1989 Bowman Is Back” insert. Which, of course feels weird because they are standard sized, not oversized. And a gimmick. But hey, shiny, right?!?
Anyhow, these two cards came in the big collection haul I took in some 18 months ago, and I was definitely happy to acquire them. The hometown is fun in that it if I were a bit more “Go Texan”-ish, I’d consider a mini-collection of cards with the flag on it. As it stands, I’ve got enough collections going on – especially thanks to a recent decision, but that’ll have to wait for another post.
Oh, and Nick, if I come across dupes this Cardinal will be on his way. *makes mental note to check ‘Stros dupe box*

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