Another Tiny Trade to Start the Year

I pulled off another quick swap with Jared (Gapporin at TCDB), giving me a quick start to 2019. There are a few Cardinals headed his way in the next outgoing mailing. In return, he sent me four cards: one to throw in a trade package I’m putting together, one for future TTM purposes, and two Astros that I needed.

Those two cards? Well, they’re these two cards! Here we have a Special Edition parallel from 1994 Donruss of Craig Biggio. That completes the trio of Astros from this parallel for me! The others are Jeff Bagwell and Darryl Kile. The Gerrit Cole completes my Astros base needs for 2018 Heritage High Numbers. Sure, there were only four of them, but they’re finished! Huzzah!
Thanks for another trade, Jared!

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