One of the Good Guys

Editor’s Note: There’s a break of sorts below this post (which is a fast one), so please make sure to have a look.

A couple months ago (has it been that long? where did this year go?), AJ – The Lost Collector – and I conducted a small swap. We’d found each other a couple of hits, and that was great.

Shortly thereafter, AJ also bid on some of the cards I had up for auction, and even won a couple – that was most unexpected.

To top it all off, a few weeks back I opened the mailbox and found a PWE with his name on it. I mean, come on man! You’re going to have to tell me what I did to deserve such good favor.

There were a handful of cards in this PWE, including a few needs that dated a couple years back. The whole Topps Salute series, with its theme days/awards/throwbacks and inconsistent numbering has been driving me crazy. It’s mainly the numbering. Topps, please don’t reset numbering for inserts that are spread across both series of Flagship. It’s, well, really annoying. Said Jackie Robinson Day insert of Carlos Correa was the big highlight here, though.

The main attraction in this little salvo, however, was this lovely blue parallel of Lance McCullers that AJ had pulled. It’s serial numbered, if I recall right, and makes me wish the borders had corresponded to team colors. Time will tell if Lance will be effective once back from Tommy John, but the rotation sure could use a healthy version of him.

Thanks for the little package, AJ! I really appreciate it!

Alright, I mentioned at the top that there’s a break of sorts going on. Well, my Target had one last factory set with the All-Star Game foil stamp. I’ve had this thought a few times, but finally caved. I decided to buy the darn thing to get the Astros and sell the other team sets at cost.

So, if you want to land all those foil-stamped goofy parallels in one swoop, this is your chance. Team sets will be $7 shipped in a bubble mailer – so basically $3 plus shipping. I put this out on Twitter yesterday, so a few teams have been claimed, but there are still plenty left. Help me help you!

Angels –
Astros – ME
Athletics – Tim @MaxxxPower68
Blue Jays – @BigShep79
Braves – Colbey (@flywheels)
Brewers –
Cardinals – @IndyCardsfan Jason W.** pending confirmation
Cubs – Community Gum
Diamondbacks –
Dodgers – Night Owl
Giants – Ross @DesignonDeck
Indians –
Mariners –
Marlins –
Mets – @BigShep79
Nationals –
Orioles –
Padres – @PunkRockPaint
Phillies –
Pirates –
Rangers –
Rays –
Reds –
Red Sox –
Rockies –
Royals –
Tigers –
Twins – Junk Wax Twins
White Sox –
Yankees –

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