WANTED: 1989 Topps #523

There’s a new addition to the Most Wanted List.

After receiving my trade package from Old Foul Cardboard and cross-checking my cards with my want list, I noticed an error on my 1989 Topps needs. I already have #19 Greg Gagne.

But, somehow, I’m missing this fella here, #523 Andres Thomas.

If you happen to see a spare one floating around your collection, there’s a nice home waiting for him here in Texas. He’ll have a field to run in, and other cards to play with, and he’ll be oh so happy.

So do me a favor, and help me complete my first set, won’t you? Andres Thomas, come home.

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  1. Need it, want it, got it!

    Just rolled through a box of '89s and found a decent one. It's all yours if you're still looking.

    You can contact me through my blog at torontobluejayscollection.blogspot.ca.



  2. Awesome! I took a quick glance at your set needs and I'm sure I can fill a couple holes in it. Let's start up a trade.

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