eBay Pickups: Vintage Inserts & Oddballs

I went hunting again on eBay, in search of some cheap oddballs. It usually runs the following course: something will pop up in one of my saved searches. It’ll look good and sport a low price, but the shipping will deter me. In this case, I often search through that dealer’s other items to see if there’s anything else I find interesting, thus making my shipping cost worthwhile.

The most recent example of this started with this gorgeous 1970 Topps Jimmy Wynn Scratch Off insert. Yes, all the interior game boxes are revealed, but what made me happiest was the fact that no one ever wrote in the box score on the back of the card.

Then, the hunt began.

First, I stumbled across these old 1969 Globe miniature playing cards. They’re approximately the size of the Cracker Jack minis from 1991/92, and they’re pretty poor quality on really flimsy paper. But, I got a pair of Astros – three if you count Rusty Staub, who depending on the time these came out was either about to be or had just been traded to Montreal. So let’s just count him as an Astro here. The last one in this photo is good ol’ Harmon Killebrew. These ran 50 cents a pop, so I plunked them in my cart.
I found a some 1969 Deckle Edge inserts as well. I’ve always loved Boog Powell, so this one was a no-brainer. He’s in fine shape.
The McCovey/Marichal duo is a little worse for wear, but they’ll serve as placeholders for now, especially at 99 cents for the pair.
I really do want to try to put together the entire series of Kellogg’s sets, but the one that intrigues me most is the non-lenticular 1973 set. Ok, maybe that superb-looking 1970 set as well, but I’ll probably try to track these down first. I found four of them for two bucks.

Finally, we get to the steal of the day. This was the first card I found after the Jimmy Wynn up there, and it sealed my eBay spree. Picking up a Pete Rose for my 1974 set at a mere 2 bucks was ideal, especially when the only one I’d found at the LCS was going to run me ten dollars. With one more ’74 on the way from the internet, I’m down to needing just 36 cards to complete the set – and that includes the Padres/Washington variations and error cards.

 – Bru

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