Vintage Astros from Robert

(Ed. Note: Pardon my tardiness, but I’ve just not been able to get into any sort of regular posting rhythm.)

Some of you may recall that a while back I made a pretty significant score at a garage sale, which netted me a lovely little stack of ’64 Topps, in addition to nearly complete sets of ’74 and ’81 Topps, half a set of ’84 Topps, and stacks of ’72, ’73, and ’79 to boot.

Well, I was browsing the blogs a short time ago and discovered that Robert of $30 a Week Habit was putting together the ’64 set. I’m in a trading mood (seriously, I’d love to move some stuff that’s not in my main collection – it’d make my wife particularly happy), so I dug through his want list and sent off fourteen or so cards that fit his needs.
I haven’t had a chance to post about it due to our recent move, but I got a great package of mostly 60s Astros in return from Robert.

Some of the goodies included were from 1967 Topps, which has been a section of the Astros card canon that has been lacking in my collection. I was pretty excited to see these beauties show up in the package.

I really do love trades where I have no idea what I’m getting in return, and I’m pretty sure that outside of set-building, most of you do as well. I’m hoping to up my trading game a bit here in the future, so hopefully there will be some more of this happening sooner rather than later.

Robert also provided some wonderful 1968 Topps Astros, including these excellent cards of Don Wilson and Norm Miller. 
He was kind enough to fill in a few of my remaining holes from the 1973 Astros checklist, which now appears to be a bit over halfway complete.

And finally, he decided to pad the package with some serially numbered Astros as a delightful bonus. This numbered Sweet Spot just happens to be a Bagwell I needed, so I was quite happy to find that. (Here’s a hint, too: when it comes to Bagwell, there’s a really good chance I need it if the card is from 2004 3 onward.)

These two gold parallels from 2012 Topps finished out the package, and left me feeling about as joyful as Jose Altuve here on the left. Thanks for the superb trade, Robert, and sorry it’s taken me so long to get these up on the blog.
 – Bru

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